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Halloween can be a risky time for mishaps, trips and falls, car accidents, and pranks gone wrong. If someone hurts themselves on your property, you can be legally held liable if they file a claim. Using common sense can save you more than meets the eye when inviting strangers onto your property and handing out candy.

  • Clean up garden hoses and other items that children can trip on.
  • Illuminate your property and home- mischievous teens and children are more likely to target a home with lights off where their deeds are hidden from view.
  • Park your car in a garage to avoid eggs and vandalism
  • If you have a dog, make sure he is kept away from strangers, even the nicest animals can catch a bad whiff and turn violent within the blink of an eye. You may know your dog but it doesn’t know the trick-or-treaters. A dog bite claim is neither good for you, the victim, or the fate of your dog.
  • Consider an Umbrella Insurance policy to cover a broad range of claims!

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