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Homeowners and Small Business Insurance in Kirkland, Washington: A look at lowering the financial overhead for residents and business-owners of  Kirkland, Wa. or as the locals say- ‘the little city that could’

     Kirkland has many attractions to bring people from all over the Puget Sound, especially in the summertime. The bars and restaurants are always a hit, not to mention the pathways and parks along the beach! With summertime just around the bend, business should pick up for the small businesses around Kirkland. It is a great time to think about moving to an independent insurance agency which has dozens of the top-rated companies on tap at a moment’s notice; for you to know FOR SURE that you are not overpaying for your small business insurance.

     We always hear from just about every company ad on TV how they “save an average of blah blah blah” The problem is that these are captive companies committed to their ONE product.

     Here’s the secret, the only way to really, truly have the best deal available(in Kirkland yes!) is to have an independent insurance agency quote you from multiple companies at the same time, not only saving you time and money from shopping around yourself but knowing that you have the most comprehensive plan you can possibly obtain in the state of Washington.

     Prostar Insurance has the markets to compete for you in any industry or personal insurance need. Whether it be General Liability, Business Owners Policy, Umbrella, Auto Home, Life, we have multiple markets to match you with the most complete insurance policy that you can imagine, often adding more coverage and lowering your premium simultaneously!!

To learn more, contact:

Prostar Insurance – Bellevue, WA




A news release from Seattle-based Imperium blamed the 2:30 p.m. blast on over-pressurization of a glycerin-processing tank. The explosion damaged another tank containing sulfuric acid.

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As shoppers continue to grapple with the recession, retailers want to win their favor by giving them low prices.

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We reported earlier this week that within the past month, over $2 million in damages have been caused by a string of arsons in specifically the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle. Now a suspect has been arrested

Kevin Todd Swalwell had been spotted at three earlier fire scenes in the Greenwood neighborhood. A tip early on the investigation also put Swalwell on detectives’ radar, Acting Assistant Police Chief Paul McDonagh said at an afternoon news conference.

“Detectives believe Swalwell is responsible for some, if not all, of the arsons in Greenwood,” McDonagh said.


The Taproot Theatre Company offered today, an additional $15,000 to add to the $10,000 Arson Award Fund sponsored by the Northwest Insurance Council and Arson Alarm Foundation. A fire on Oct. 23 caused $2 million in damage to the Taproot Theatre and four restaurants.


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In a strange sequence of fires in a concentrated neighborhood of Seattle, many businesses should be checking up on their fire insurance coverages-especially Greenwood.

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Heres a short list from Prostar Insurance of some things to avoid when serving customers and things people hate when seated at a restaurant.

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Obama said current initiatives would make it easier for smaller community banks to provide credit to small businesses, which have been hard-hit by the financial crisis.

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A quake similar to the large earthquake of 2001, which we all experienced here in the Pacific Northwest, could easily cause the collapse of the fragile Alaska Way Viaduct and the disintegration of the downtown waterfront area because of loose soil near the waterfront and under the roads.


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