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Rev-matching is the technique of matching the rpm’s to a gear before you shift into it, providing a controlled and smooth shift into a lower gear. In other words, if you want to shift from 4th gear to 2nd, the best way to not wear down mechanical parts and not jolt the vehicle when you make the shift, is to rev-match into 2nd.

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Ever thought how much energy is required to get your vehicle moving forward after a complete standstill? Have you ever tried to move your car by putting it in neutral and pushing it? If you have, you know it takes a lot to get it started and then not so much to really get it going after that. This principle can be applied to your driving habit of how to approach stoplights.

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Prostar Insurance offers unique strategies for saving fuel, avoiding accidents, and becoming more aware of your surroundings while on the road. Eliminate blind spots in certain vehicles with 3-point mirroring

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The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety awarded its “top safety pick” on Wednesday to 19 passenger cars and eight sport utility for the 2010 model year. The institute substantially reduced the number of awards compared with 2009, because of tougher requirements for roof strength.

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Have you recently leased a new vehicle? GAP Insurance is require by law in the state of New York and recommended to Washington residents by Prostar Insurance.. The latter being most important of course! You might need GAP(Guaranteed Auto Protection) if..

  • You purchased a new car and didn’t have a substantial down payment– at least 20% and perhaps as much as 50%.
  • You’re leasing a car.
  • You financed your car for more than four years.
  • You rolled debt from your last car into your current auto loan.

Here’s an example. You buy or lease a car for around $25,000. Several months down the road, it’s totaled, but your insurance check covers only the car’s current value, which is about $20,000. Not only do you have to find new wheels, but you’re on the hook to the finance or lease company for a gap of about $5,000.

Volatility in resale prices started last year, when gas prices spiked, hurting sales and values of bigger, gas-guzzling cars, said James Clark, the general manager for ALG, which publishes the Automotive Lease Guide.

“Across the board, we’re seeing a severe decline in resale performance,” Clark said. “Conditions really deteriorated quickly.”

Retained value for 3-year-old models
Model ’05 model in 2008 ’06 model in 2009 Change
Toyota Tundra 59.5% 40.1% -19.4%
Infiniti QX56 58.0% 40.3% -17.7%
Hummer H2 55.0% 37.5% -17.5%
Toyota Sequoia 59.1% 42.0% -17.1%
Industry average 47.6% 39.4% -8.2%

Source: Automotive Lease Guide


A group of businessmen on Monday launched a new coalition to urge the federal government to make a major investment in electric transportation, pointing to electric cars as the best way to confront the nation’s dependence on imported oil.

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Ford seems to be rolling out a new technology aimed at the future of passive safety devices. These new technologies like the airbag, side-curtain airbags, anti lock brakes, and many others are great shots to take when thinking about lowering your car insurance premium.

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With a 30% edge on its gasoline-powered sibling’s economy, Jeep’s 3.0 CRD(Common-Rail Diesel) engine matches better-than-average fuel economy with more torque than the HEMI 5.7l and the longevity of a tough, high compression engine.


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Take a hike Prius, the TDI hybrid is about to blow you away- VW’s legendary and rare(in america) Turbo-Direct-Injection model is mating with an electric motor to trounce on Toyota’s measly 48 mpg and redefine efficiency with  70+mpg


Ever thought about how nice it would be to be cruising around at 70mpg?! Are you aware that over 50% of vehicles in Europe are diesels, many of which can reach 70 or 80 miles per gallon?
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