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We don’t mean to be a ‘Debbie Downer’ but its true, we all want to get away for a couple of days on a weekend like this one. 90 degree weather in Washington state only sticks around for a short time and many people will be on the road heading to a campsite, a family outing, taking the boat out, and many other summer activities. It is best to remember that with great joy comes great risk- (maybe not in all situations, we kind of made that up) But Prostar Insurance would like to toss out a few quick reminders to help keep your auto insurance rate at a minimum this weekend and throughout the summer.

Check your tires and fluids before a trip. Tires that are old, have been sitting for a while, or have worn tread can be hazardous when driving long distances. Vital fluids like oil and coolant should be checked or even changed before enduring a long journey. Also keep an extra quart of oil in the vehicle somewhere with you.

Please Please Please.. secure your load when towing or strapping equipment to your vehicle. If something flies off your car when you’re on your way out to Eastern Washington for a lake trip or Gig Harbor for your family outing- you can be fined (big time) or even injure someone(or worse). Travelling across bridges can be especially hazardous because of crosswinds that exist only on the bridge. An accident like this will surely have a negative impact on your auto insurance premium.


With many people finally getting up and taking a stand to cut back federal spending,  and to streamline the economy- The November elections should be a whole-hearted change in policy from the county level all the way up to Federal. In Washington State, I-1082  is an important part of this change.

   -Washington state is 1 of only 4 states that does not have a private workers compensation market. The government has a monopoly.

   -While workers’ comp taxes are decreasing in most other states, Washington state is increasing taxes in 2010. Oregon has not increased rates in 20 years and employers there are actually experiencing rate decreases this year

   -Washington has the second-highest cost per employee for workers’ compensation while simultaneously providing the third most generous benefit package in the nation. There’s no such thing as a high-benefit/low-cost system, its ludicrous!

There has also been an 82% increase in administrative costs at the Department of Labor & Industries over just the past 10 years!

Lets open up Workers Compensation to private Insurers by voting YES on I-1082 this November! To learn much, much more visit

To obtain the best and most comprehensive business insurance quote and policy available in Washington State, visit Prostar Insurance!

According to a catastrophe modeling firm AIR Worldwide, the losses from a quake near the coast of Chili that killed more than 700 people could exceed 2 billion dollars.  The quake struck dozens of miles underground but near the capitol city of Santiago, disrupting commerce and now leading to looting in many of the cities near the capitol.

In the aftermath of the magnitude 8.8  Tsunami watch for the Seattle area but was later retracted by the National Weather Service.

The Seattle insurance arena has been a wild one this season. Many Seattle business owners have been plagued with arson, threat of flood, record freezing temperatures, and low consumer spending adding to the burden of a tough economy. It is crucial that Washington residents secure their insurance because a loss of a home or business is nothing to brush off, for most of us, it’s our biggest asset. However we can look at an overview of the prominence of Seattle-area insurance claims has taken in the past 6 months.

3 tips for avoiding insurance claims in Washington state:

1) Expect the unexpected: This may sound cliche but it is the #1 rule that governs a smart insurance owner. I’m sure many of the Seattle business owners in Greenwood had no idea their very own neighborhood would be the target of a string of arsons causing over $2 million in damages to a handful of businesses. The point is that trends can spark up anywhere and can be confined to your area. If your home of business is in a low, valley area; a not-so-uncommon Seattle rainstorm can cause damage to your roof, walls, and basements even if the year before, things were fine.

2) Protect against a DUI: Now we’ve all heard this one before but listen up for a second… We all know .08% BAC is the legal limit. We see the signs everywhere- but how do we know what .08% FEELS like? Ask your parents this question, they won’t be able to answer and will go on about how ‘its just smart to not drink and drive’.

These are the little voices in the back of our head. However, from a practicality standpoint, there are times where we like to enjoy a drink at a happy hour after work or we drive to a bar that we like in Beltown when we live in Fremont and at some point, we must drive home. So, for these times that we have to get behind the wheel an hour or two after a drink how do we gauge our BAC?  Get yourself a good Breathalyzer! Not a $40 one, not a $70 one. Get a $120+ one, MINIMUM.  Do your research and find on that is approved by the FDA and meets DOT/NHTSA model specifications for breath alcohol screeners, this way you can start testing yourself and become more in tune with how you feel when over the limit. DUI’s cost thousands of dollars and eat up massive amounts of your time, a good breathalyzer costs a hundred bucks and can be shipped to your doorstep. Of course, this is no sure-fire way to not get a DUI besides the obvious, but the idea here is that you can begin to gauge what .08% FEELS like so you can then make smarter decisions about getting behind the wheel in Seattle. Washington state is very strict on DWI laws and will skyrocket your insurance premiums if given a DUI. Especially if you are young, becoming more in tune with your BAC level and the law can be one of the smartest investments of your life.

Know your coverage compared to state requirements-

If your cruising along in Bellevue with your 25/50/10 coverage limits and smash into a $150,000 Mercedes or hit a pedestrian and cause $200,000 in hospital care, you might be in big trouble with your insurance

Prostar Insurance does not write state minimums on Washington insurance policies for one reason, we don’t believe the state minimums adequately reflect what the majority of people need in protection. Whether it comes to your auto coverage or your business liability, knowing your coverage and adequately securing the right amount is key to success. Prostar Insurance knows what is adequate and will work with you to achieve these goals.