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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Prostar Insurance offers unique strategies for saving fuel, avoiding accidents, and becoming more aware of your surroundings while on the road. Eliminate blind spots in certain vehicles with 3-point mirroring

Angela Ollison/

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Often noted as the beginning of the shopping season, Turkey stuffed Americans following their feasts and the inevitable Thanksgiving nap or ‘Siesta’ make an early start friday morning to nab the best deals Black Friday has to offer.

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The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded nearly $89 million to Battelle Memorial Institute in Richland to study ways to improve the electricity grid in the Pacific Northwest.

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Has there ever been a more important time in the climate debate than right now, today November 23rd, 2009. We think not. This could be the most exposing piece of evidence yet for getting to the bottom of the truth behind what is really happening to our planet.. The agenda to “hide” real data(Head of Climatic Research Unit Phil Jones’ quotes, not mine), the Climategate climatologists themselves revealing the war between them and the climate change ‘skeptics’ and ‘deniers’ and MOST IMPORTANTLY whether drastic change(new laws, upcoming Copenhagen conference and treaty, carbon taxes paid to the UN – not to our sovereign country) to combat climate change ACCORDING TO THESE PEOPLE is necessary and that their actions are even beneficial to our existence on this rock that we inhabit hurdling through deep space..

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The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety awarded its “top safety pick” on Wednesday to 19 passenger cars and eight sport utility for the 2010 model year. The institute substantially reduced the number of awards compared with 2009, because of tougher requirements for roof strength.

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Have you recently leased a new vehicle? GAP Insurance is require by law in the state of New York and recommended to Washington residents by Prostar Insurance.. The latter being most important of course! You might need GAP(Guaranteed Auto Protection) if..

  • You purchased a new car and didn’t have a substantial down payment– at least 20% and perhaps as much as 50%.
  • You’re leasing a car.
  • You financed your car for more than four years.
  • You rolled debt from your last car into your current auto loan.

Here’s an example. You buy or lease a car for around $25,000. Several months down the road, it’s totaled, but your insurance check covers only the car’s current value, which is about $20,000. Not only do you have to find new wheels, but you’re on the hook to the finance or lease company for a gap of about $5,000.

Volatility in resale prices started last year, when gas prices spiked, hurting sales and values of bigger, gas-guzzling cars, said James Clark, the general manager for ALG, which publishes the Automotive Lease Guide.

“Across the board, we’re seeing a severe decline in resale performance,” Clark said. “Conditions really deteriorated quickly.”

Retained value for 3-year-old models
Model ’05 model in 2008 ’06 model in 2009 Change
Toyota Tundra 59.5% 40.1% -19.4%
Infiniti QX56 58.0% 40.3% -17.7%
Hummer H2 55.0% 37.5% -17.5%
Toyota Sequoia 59.1% 42.0% -17.1%
Industry average 47.6% 39.4% -8.2%

Source: Automotive Lease Guide


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Jerry Wang was watching television at 1 a.m. today when he heard noises outside his house and a few seconds later, a huge crash.

When he walked outside he found a huge 50-foot evergreen tree had fallen onto his Queen Anne duplex, smashing through the roof and tearing out his front porch. Luckily nobody was hurt.

We reported yesterday the importance of ensuring proper coverage on your renters insurance and homeowners insurance because of the storms coming in to the Seattle and Pacific Northwest area. Storms can creep up at any time with only hours to prepare for such a tragedy. Are you covered??? Do you know what your coverages are? Are you shopping around, assessing the options? If not, Prostar Insurance can help you in a jiffy to shop around and ensure proper coverages, free of charge.

As shoppers continue to grapple with the recession, retailers want to win their favor by giving them low prices.

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Many of us remember the quake almost 10 years ago that rocked the Seattle-Tacoma area causing much damage and leading more people to realize the magnitude of such a natural disaster hitting our area. For Seattle-dwellers, that harsh reality has always been tempered by the fact that the fault called the Cascadia Subduction Zone is most likely to snap offshore — nearly 100 miles from the urban corridor.

However now scientists are beginning to suspect the jolt could come much closer.

The latest evidence is an upcoming study in Geophysical Research Letters that concludes the danger zone could lie within 50 miles of Seattle and the Interstate 5 corridor.

The 600-mile-long subduction zone is the place where the ocean floor is being shoved, or subducted, under the continent. It’s one of the world’s most treacherous faults, capable of unleashing megaquakes and tsunamis on a par with the 2004 Sumatra disaster. Fortunately, such magnitude 9 quakes are rare in the Cascadia zone, averaging one every 400 to 500 years. The most recent occurred in 1700.