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Homeowners and Small Business Insurance in Kirkland, Washington: A look at lowering the financial overhead for residents and business-owners of  Kirkland, Wa. or as the locals say- ‘the little city that could’

     Kirkland has many attractions to bring people from all over the Puget Sound, especially in the summertime. The bars and restaurants are always a hit, not to mention the pathways and parks along the beach! With summertime just around the bend, business should pick up for the small businesses around Kirkland. It is a great time to think about moving to an independent insurance agency which has dozens of the top-rated companies on tap at a moment’s notice; for you to know FOR SURE that you are not overpaying for your small business insurance.

     We always hear from just about every company ad on TV how they “save an average of blah blah blah” The problem is that these are captive companies committed to their ONE product.

     Here’s the secret, the only way to really, truly have the best deal available(in Kirkland yes!) is to have an independent insurance agency quote you from multiple companies at the same time, not only saving you time and money from shopping around yourself but knowing that you have the most comprehensive plan you can possibly obtain in the state of Washington.

     Prostar Insurance has the markets to compete for you in any industry or personal insurance need. Whether it be General Liability, Business Owners Policy, Umbrella, Auto Home, Life, we have multiple markets to match you with the most complete insurance policy that you can imagine, often adding more coverage and lowering your premium simultaneously!!

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Jerry Wang was watching television at 1 a.m. today when he heard noises outside his house and a few seconds later, a huge crash.

When he walked outside he found a huge 50-foot evergreen tree had fallen onto his Queen Anne duplex, smashing through the roof and tearing out his front porch. Luckily nobody was hurt.

We reported yesterday the importance of ensuring proper coverage on your renters insurance and homeowners insurance because of the storms coming in to the Seattle and Pacific Northwest area. Storms can creep up at any time with only hours to prepare for such a tragedy. Are you covered??? Do you know what your coverages are? Are you shopping around, assessing the options? If not, Prostar Insurance can help you in a jiffy to shop around and ensure proper coverages, free of charge.

“High winds and rain will hammer Western Washington again tonight and Tuesday after a brief lull as today’s storm taper off this afternoon” says Susan Gilmore, a Seattle Times staff reporter.

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One man was killed and another injured in a fire early this morning that the Seattle Fire Department says was started by smoking in bed.

Damage is estimated at $20,000 to the three-story house in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Halloween can be a risky time for mishaps, trips and falls, car accidents, and pranks gone wrong. If someone hurts themselves on your property, you can be legally held liable if they file a claim. Using common sense can save you more than meets the eye when inviting strangers onto your property and handing out candy.

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A survey by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners has found that many people believe their homeowners’ insurance covers losses that are not, in fact, covered.

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A SURVEY by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners has found that many people believe their homeowners’ insurance covers losses that are not, in fact, covered.

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1 Got Home Security? – Halloween is the #1 day for vandals and burglars to raid your home if they think you’re away. To portray Halloween home safety, Invest in a home security system as well as solar-powered or low energy, motion-sensitive lights around your Home.

2 Carving the Pumpkins – Judge your child’s hand/eye abilities in deciding to let them carve pumpkins. Prepare them for accidents and show them how to safely carve a pumpkin with minimal risk of a knife slipping while they carve. Pumpkin carving is a great relationship-building experience but only if all participants are qualified for maximum Halloween home safety. Special pumpkin cutters and parental supervision will be the perfect compliment to a family evening of joy and fun!