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If you’ve debated on whether to take off for a few days during spring break but want to skip the beach parties in Miami and San Diego and save money while you’re at it, consider’s top 10 best value destinations for Spring Break. From places to learn about our country, art exhibitions, ┬ámuseum tours, and even theme parks to bring the kids, this list of the best value cities to visit in 2010 is sure to fit the bill for an adventure whether it be solo, tandem, or with the whole family. Many hotels in these cities are offering special Spring Break deals to lure people away from the popular Mexico destinations during this time of year. For more info on each city you can contact

1. Atlanta, GA

2. Orlando, FL

3. Phoenix, AZ

4. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

5. Denver, CO

6. Houston, TX

7. Los Angeles, CA

8. Raleigh, N.C.

9. Chicago, IL

10. Miami, FL


In November of 2009, the CERN particle collider broke the world record for the fastest atom smashing ever created since the big bang. Now, the collider has tripled the record and smashes atoms at 3.48 trillion electron volts or TEV in order to peer into the secrets of what happened during and after the ‘big bang’. The researchers at CERN also are looking into dark matter and an elusive particle dubbed the ‘Higgs Boson’ for which modern physics is based upon. The CERN scientists hope to reach nearly the speed of light with these particles and smash open some of the secrets of the universe, which can only be answered by these means.


Calculate your insurance risk with the Insurance Risk Calculator. It will give you an idea of your life insurance risk, auto claims, property, and disability risks. By noting the average premiums, risks of specific accidents and claims, you can see how well you stack up on your insurance risk and also how much you should be paying for your insurance. For more info, contact Prostar Insurance

Many people assume that their auto insurance rate is a static component of their monthly bills, never questioning how changes in their lifestyle can have a drastic effect on insurance premiums by certain carriers. However, there are lots of insurance carriers serving Washington and the greater Seattle area that might honer certain changes you make that another well-respected company may not. The trick is to shop around but this takes time and diligent effort to obtain a company that has the best balance of coverages versus what you are paying in premiums. Prostar Insurance does the shopping for you with dozens of the most well-respected insurance carriers in the Pacific Northwest. If you want to stay on top of your insurance month after month to take advantage of incentives that other companies may offer, here are a few instances where you should check your policy:

Is your credit score significantly higher or lower than before? Sometimes a bad credit score is matched with a low accident or violation history and a lower rate than any other carrier emerges. It simply depends on how companies place their weights.

Are you turning 25? You will see a significant drop. This is widely accepted throughout the auto insurance industry.

Bought a home? Homeowners are considered more stable and reliable. Also many companies offer home and auto packages that can save thousands of dollars a year.

Take a driving skills course– insurance companies offer discounts to drivers that are smarter on the road. A driving skills course can teach anything from skid controlling defensive driving to advanced safety maneuvers. Not only will you save cash, you might learn the skills to keep you and your family safe in a variety of driving scenarios.


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