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We have to admit, Clyde Hill, WA is a great place to live- Excellent views for many homeowners, relatively safe(except for the Clyde Hill Coyotes), a quiet spot surrounded by the urban areas of Bellevue and Seattle. High-value homes demand a special look at your insurance. Prostar Insurance has fostered a special relationship with companies that specialize in high-value home insurance. Sometimes there are coverages that you may need that a normal insurance company doesn’t carry. It may not cost much more, its just that high-value homes are not their specialty- therefore they don’t offer extra coverages.

With recent prowlers targeting Clyde Hill, it might be advantageous to reevaluate your current insurance and go with a company that more often-than-not increases coverage AND lowers your monthly premium, while moving to a well-respected insurance carrier. Prostar Insurance specializes in Clyde Hill homeowners insurance and would be happy to help you, we’re right around the corner!

Prostar Insurance

13400 NE 20th St #8

Bellevue, WA 98005



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