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With Seattle’s office vacancy above 20%, gym’s and workout clubs are turning office space into macho-mansions. One of the last things to go in a troubled economy seems to be gym memberships, and drastically lower real estate prices have led to a boost in gyms. Over the past year, L.A Fitness opened a 55,000-square-foot gym in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, 24 Hour Fitness opened its 17th Seattle-area club last month, boasting 46,000 square feet at the new Overlake Center in Issaquah, and Gold’s Gym is due to open this month at Rainier Square, taking 13,000 square feet formerly occupied by a home-décor store and art gallery. Not to mention over at 507 in Northgate, 24 Hour Fitness signed a contract for a new, 45,000 square-foot gym near the Northgate Mall where office max and circuit city used to reside.

For many, the idea of having to cancel membership during a recession and lose initiation fees for when the economy recovers is not worth the time. In fact, getting in shape during a troubled economy can help you stay healthy to avoid doctor visits, medicine, and time off work. Working out is well known to be a stress-reliever, detoxifyer, stamina-builder and muscle-gainer for riding out the tough times. Having a gym membership can be fun as far as meeting new friends and maybe discovering a new activity that can be beneficial to your overall well-being. To learn more, contact Prostar Insurance for recommendations!


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