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In February’s edition of Rough Notes, an top-rated insurance magazine driven on providing agents with comprehensive information on how to grow their business, Prostar Insurance was featured in the Internet Marketing page under ‘success stories’. In this particular article, the author describes the need for agencies to turn themselves into a sales machine if they want to grow and that the old way of marketing is completely and utterly dead. It then goes on to describe that an agency must balance sales generation with being service-centric and that relying on the latter won’t get you anywhere.

“What I have discovered is that some of the most successful and fastest-growing agencies in the country literally start with their sales culture. Agencies like Prostar Insurance in Bellevue, Washington (, have an outstanding sales process and access to top markets. They have found ways to receive high-quality opportunities and use strategies to drive new and existing business.”

We have found that taking a new approach to establishing an internet presence is very intriguing to some people and have enjoyed coming up with new ways to get people excited about something as well.. boring as insurance. Yet everyone needs it. So it becomes this balancing game of tapping into basically everyone, but in a way that interests people to actually THINK about insurance.


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