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The Namic(National Association of Mutual Insurance companies) has recently exclaimed that regulators are eager and willing to lead companies to accepting claims of climate change and to which humans may have an effect. In a letter to regulators, NAMIC asserts that many regulators have their sights set and are leaving little breathing room for people who question the faith-based view of anthropogenic global warming. This, directed toward an organization which underwrites about 40% of the country’s property & casualty premiums. There are many who have a problem with the scientific facts to back up such a claim, because much of the raw data has been destroyed in which the majority of these claims are based. Much of this information is revealed in the¬†recent leak of documents and emails exposing the deletion of raw data and suppression of other scientists among the top climatologists who provide their information to the IPCC.

The group is four months out from a survey geared on climate change, now Robert Detlefsen of NAMIC is extremely concerned of the “scientific integrity, regulators’ belief in those findings, and the way that the companies’ answers could be exploited by environmentalists.”

“We fear … that the wording of the survey questions, together with the public pronouncements of some regulators, will inhibit the expression of what might be viewed as unwelcome ‘contrarian’ responses”


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