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Geithner was the president of the New York Fed in September 2008, when the government stepped in to rescue American International Group at a cost to taxpayers of $180 billion.

“People are arguing that we were trying to cover up who benefited from AIG, But the fact is, it’s very clear who was going to benefit from AIG not going bankrupt, all their counterparties – absolutely every last one.” said New York Fed President William Dudley.

However in March of 2009, before the Senate Budget Committee, Sen. Bernie Sanders Vermont (I) pressed Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke as to which firms received taxpayer bailout funds, Bernanke simply replied “No, I won’t tell you.”

AIG documents suggest the New York Fed wanted to keep details of the counterparty payments hidden. We need to understand why and how taxpayer dollars were used to bailout the same people who helped cause the financial crisis in the first place,” the New York Democrat said.

Towns is also asking for emails, phone logs and meeting notes from former New York Fed Board Chairman Stephen Friedman, New York Fed General Counsel Thomas Baxter, and the New York Fed official responsible for monitoring the relationship with AIG, Sarah Dahlgren.

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