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The Pacific Northwest is the first region to experience Comcasts’ new gig, with Washington State Comcast customers now able to view your usage through the company’s customer central page. Although only 1% of users will even skim the threshold of 250 gigabytes as summed by Comcast’s Steve Kipp. To give you an idea of really how much data you would have to use in a month, we’ve given a few examples  of what you could do to blow the lid on your limit.

send 50 million plain text emails (at 5 KB/email)

Download 62,500 songs (at 4 MB/song)

download 125 standard-definition movies (at 2 GB/movie)

download more than 40 HD movies (at 6 GB/movie)

upload 25,000 hi-res photos.

Although the relatively high limits have drawn criticism in the past, the move to a more ‘track & trace’ approach in the name of security could pose real problems for the media giant in the future; Regarding how private individuals’ content is stored. “It may also help them identify potential problems such as the presence of a bot or virus or excessive use of their bandwidth via an unsecured wireless router.”, said Kipp.

Here are some other facts from the Seattle Times

— The meter will measure all data usage over a cable modem, including data used by all computers, consoles and devices in a home that go online via that modem.

— The meter will display usage on a calendar month, not the monthly billing cycle, which may be different. it will udpate about every three hours.

— The meter will “display usage conservatively in favor of customers” by rounding usage down to the nearest gigabyte, rather than up, the release said.

— Comcast hired a consultant, NetForecast, to analyze the accuracy of the meter during a test period last summer.

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