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With the Holiday season sweeping by, many retailers are looking at barren shelves due to a better understanding of the Christmas shopping market. May retailers had a good idea of how much would be sold this season and are now facing the hardest time of the season for shopping, after Christmas.

Here are some sweet deals that some companies will surely be using to lure more customers back into the stores.

Bedding- This month is a great time to shop for sheets, blankets, towels, comforters, tablecloths, electric blankets, pillows and more.

Seasonal Goods- Compounded markdowns and generally highly discounted seasonal items dominate the mad rush to ‘move’ these items out of the stores to make room for new items as well as valentines day seasonal items. Prepare to save up to 90%

Furniture- New furniture appears on showroom floors in February, which means big sales on past-season merchandise this month, says Jackie Hirschhaut, vice president of public relations and marketing for American Home Furnishing Alliance.

Gadgets- The annual Consumer Electronics Show takes place this week in Las Vegas, which means new cameras, televisions and other electronics will be appearing on store shelves in the spring. Now is the time to pick up last year’s models at discounted prices.

Weddings- With the height of weddings in the summer, many wedding planners take advantage of the early year love birds. Plan your ceremony and reception (or any other event) for next January, February or March — the wedding industry’s slow season — and you’ll cut costs on facilities, flowers, entertainment and catering.

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