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We reported earlier that storms last year caused damage to an abutment on the dam. Officials concluded that this rain season, more water might have to be released to prevent a catastrophic collapse. However this release might mean as many as 300,000 displaced families and businesses due to flooding.

Beneath the stacks of plastic designed to prevent flooding from a damaged dam rest aging levees in serious decay. The right mix of storms could wipe them out and flood the valley before the river even hits its crest. Some sections are so old and loose that high water could saturate and blow them out. Others have been undercut or carved into cornices or have deteriorated until muddy clumps slump off and wash away.

Rushing water already tunnels beneath some banks, forming muddy lakes along adjacent roadways even in mild rains. In one spot, levee instability caused an asphalt path above to crumble into a 4-foot sinkhole.

If you have waited on flood insurance, now is not the time to sit around on your haunches of you live in a low-lying area. Get a flood insurance policy from Prostar Insurance and let us do the shopping for you.



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