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Imagine a fuel-efficient, composite materials based, extremely quiet, 330-seat jumbo jet with all the sweet accessories.. LED dynamic lighting(providing over a hundred color combinations, space for full size beds, passenger controlled transparency on larger windows, higher humidity and other comfort features, not to mention all of the state-of-the-art control and flight systems. Well this is what’s on the mind of every engineer down the street at Boeing..

Now imagine taking this expensive beast up in the air, putting it through the ringer in a series of tests like in-flight stalls, tail-strike takeoffs sending sparks shooting off the back-end, 40mph crosswind landings, and flying at almost the speed of sound then smacking the steering column and kicking the foot pedals rhythmically to induce massive vibrations. All these are just some of the tests that a handful of these new 787 dreamliners will be undergoing hopefully this week! The new 787 will take off on Tuesday from Paine Field in Everett, swing out over the ocean, then turn inland and pass over Moses Lake and other eastern parts of the state. It is expected to land at Boeing Field in Seattle about five and a half hours later. This begins about 9 months of testing before the FAA will approve the 787 for passenger commercial flight. On the ground at the north end of Boeing Field, an operations center will monitor every flight, instantly receiving detailed data from the airplane’s many systems.


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