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The city of Seattle announced this afternoon that its greenhouse gas emissions in 2008 were 7 percent below what they were in 1990 — a target the city had hoped to meet by 2012.

The declines have come in every major category — homes, commercial buildings, heavy industry — except transportation. Some reductions have been huge, mostly owing to conservation measures and investments by Seattle City Light in renewable energy, and a move away from oil burning for heat.

As Mayor Nickels has stated, Seattle is “walking the walk and talking the talk” pledging to meet the kyoto protocol’s standards despite a ratification of the treaty by congress. This is good news for our city as we are organically and naturally lowering our emissions even though population has growin 16% since 1990, and with help from the failing economy.. Seattle is well-known to be the “greenest city” in the US and is taking strides to meet goals.

You can request to ‘go paperless’ on your insurance updates and documents with Prostar Insurance. Email updates and digital forms can be organized efficiently and may be easier for you to manage! We are committed to being as efficient as possible. Prostar Insurance in Bellevue  uses eco-friendly ink in our color printers and we refill our cartridges as well, drastically reducing the amount of non-recyclable plastic products that we would have had to toss out. We are always looking for new ways to make use of recycling and avoiding disposable plastic products..

HAVE AN IDEA? Submit your idea for our agency to increase our efficiency or reduce plastics and non-recyclables! You will also be automatically entered to win an Ipod touch from Prostar Insurance! What are you waiting for?

Prostar Insurance
13400 NE 20th St. #8
Bellevue, WA 98005



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