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A news release from Seattle-based Imperium blamed the 2:30 p.m. blast on over-pressurization of a glycerin-processing tank. The explosion damaged another tank containing sulfuric acid.

Company spokesman John Williams says the 1,500-gallon sulfuric-acid tank was contained. According to Imperium, glycerin is a co-product of biodiesel production. The company said the molasses-like liquid gave the appearance of charred material in the area of the blast but that there had been no fire. According to The Associated Press, a large chunk of the tank was blown at least 100 feet away and crashed through a chain-link fence. The company said the explosion sent aluminum and insulation across the plant and into nearby properties.

Although cooking oil might seem like a pretty neutral substance, the glycerin process of making usable biodiesel can pose hazards if not well monitored. On the other hand, the process in general is usually very simple and can be done in schools, and even made at home. So don’t let this accident deter your view of biodiesel. We will still be putting bio-diesel in our Volkswagen turbo-diesel..


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