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Rev-matching is the technique of matching the rpm’s to a gear before you shift into it, providing a controlled and smooth shift into a lower gear. In other words, if you want to shift from 4th gear to 2nd, the best way to not wear down mechanical parts and not jolt the vehicle when you make the shift, is to rev-match into 2nd.

The idea behind downshifting is to use the power of the engine to slow the vehicle down without using the brakes (hills, corners) or to change into a lower gear when going up a hill to plant more power down to the wheels. Say you are going up a hill in 4th gear and the incline is fairly steep, if you do not keep your speed, the engine will start to lug because the rpm’s are too low to power the car up the hill. A downshift to 3rd is needed-

This situation is one of the easiest rev-matching techniques to master because of the little amount of change needed tot he rpm’s and if you mess up, there will be minimal jolting to the car. To accomplish the rev-match and into 3rd gear SMOOTHLY, depress the clutch when in 4th and at the same, ‘blip’ or ‘tap’ the gas so that instead of the rpm’s dropping when the clutch is pressed, the rpm’s actually rise above what they were in 4th and match what they WOULD BE in 3rd so that when you let the clutch out in 3rd, the engine speed matches the speed of the gear and wheels with no jolting.

This technique requires practice and will be different on every vehicle depending on the response time of your engine, flywheel weight, and even position of the pedals. However if mastered, you will become ONE with your vehicle as well as save some of your mechanical parts from wearing out sooner. The clutch has the least amount of friction if properly rev-matched when downshifting and will last considerably longer. Advanced rev-matches can be made from any gear with the most difficult going into 1st however this is 99% of the time unnecessary. Many common rev matches in the city are into 2nd gear. This is the golden gear for rev matching and mastery of this will be very good for improving your driving skill in a manual transmission vehicle.

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