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Ever thought how much energy is required to get your vehicle moving forward after a complete standstill? Have you ever tried to move your car by putting it in neutral and pushing it? If you have, you know it takes a lot to get it started and then not so much to really get it going after that. This principle can be applied to your driving habit of how to approach stoplights.

Starting from a standstill, especially on an upward-facing hill uses a lot of fuel, so the trick is to make sure that you never have to come to a complete stop at a stoplight. Allowing another car to trip the sensor right before the intersection(the Rabbit) will allow enough time for the light to turn green by the time you coast up to it. This can be done in traffic as well as relatively clear roads. Ever notice the sequence that a series of lights go through? In Urban areas, these lights are coordinated in many different ways but its not too hard to notice patterns if your constantly looking ahead.

A technique like this has to become a game with yourself. Not only does it make you look way ahead and be more conscious of the intersections and vehicles around you, it will save you gallons of fuel in the end in a fun way! See how many intersections on your way to work that you can make without stopping!

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