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Prostar Insurance offers unique strategies for saving fuel, avoiding accidents, and becoming more aware of your surroundings while on the road. Eliminate blind spots in certain vehicles with 3-point mirroring

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Three point mirroring is a strategy of adjusting your vehicles mirrors so that you can view a car, motorcycle, or bicycle passing you from behind all the way until they are in front of your vehicle.

Most people adjust their side mirrors so they can comfortable see the side of their own vehicle. This is bad, in most cases this produces a blind spot near the rear side of the vehicle. The first step to proper mirror adjustment is to center your field of view in your rear-view mirror, next is to adjust your side mirrors wide..but not so wide that you cant see the side of your vehicle when leaning left or right. (For instance, a wide drivers side mirror requires a lean to the left to view a close, passing motorcycle while normal upright view provides a wide view.)

The strategy for proper angle of mirrors is to angle them as wide as possible so that by the time a vehicle passes out of the view of your RV-mirror , they are clear in your SV-mirror. Keeping the angle wide(or out) means you can keep a passing vehicle in your mirror until the vehicle is clearly viewed outside your front driver/passenger windows. This deletes a blind spot in many vehicles, providing a sweeping view of a passing vehicle because they are visible in at least 1 mirror at all times up until they fully pass.

Key points

Mirror too wide(out) = BLIND SPOT behind vehicle -passing vehicle not visible between rear view and INTO side mirrors

Mirror not wide enough = BLIND SPOT near the rear side of vehicle -passing vehicle goes from side mirror to blind before appearing out the side front driver or passenger windows.

This strategy as with most visual driving strategies requires leaning to view all situations of passing vehicles however if this strategy is easily perfected and in most cases, a passing vehicle 1 lane over can be watched an a straight upright position with no movement. The key is to identify how to keep passing vehicles within mirror-view at ALL times. In our editors Jetta TDI sedan, blind spots are eliminated using this strategy. A vehicle with smaller or deleted windows as well as larger vehicles might need special wide mirrors to utilize this strategy.

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