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Often noted as the beginning of the shopping season, Turkey stuffed Americans following their feasts and the inevitable Thanksgiving nap or ‘Siesta’ make an early start friday morning to nab the best deals Black Friday has to offer.

About 77 million are expected to hit the stores this friday which traditionally leads to long lines, tight-neck service and availability, and an overall feeling of success or failure. The thrill of snatching up great deals, especially in this economic time should be more exciting than any previous Black Friday. We reported earlier, Amazon and Walmart were in an all-out war to the bottom… prices that is. We can be sure every retailer is expected to be battling for every consumer dollar that runs through the Christmas shopping season. Some retailers caution that with much less inventory this year, they may no longer have everything you want closer to Christmas, and you may see fewer end-of-season deals.

-Get a good night’s sleep on Thanksgiving.

-Wake up early, as early as 4am to get a good breakfast and energy. If you need a coffee, WAIT! Your body will tend to wind down a bit after being up shopping for a while so wait a couple hours to juice yourself up to sustain you the rest of the day!

-Do your research EARLY. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, you should be in much better shape. Many retailers will post their deals before the big day but keep in mind.. items will be limited, so think of ways to get to the top! Or the front for that matter..

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