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Seattle Beer News says that if you feel like spicing up this thanksgiving with some our-of-the-ordinary drink, consider trying one of these hidden beers!

Orval – This would be a perfect beer to serve pre-dinner. It’s a refreshingly bitter and herbal beer that helps to cleanse the palate between different appetizers. One of my favorite beers of all time.

Saison Dupont – Saison just may be the most versatile beer style and would be a great choice to match the dizzying array of sides your mom might be serving this year. A complex mixture of spices and herb flavors combine with a sharp bitterness to make this beer stand out with any dish. Saison Dupont is the classic example of this style and is widely available.

Any Biere de Garde – I do not have much experience with this style of beer, but according to Mr. Oliver these complex beers are perfect compliments to dishes with strong herbal components (such as stuffing) and help to refresh the palate. I’d head to a local bottle shop and ask for suggestions.

Elysian The Wise ESB – If you’re looking for a more hop-forward beer for dinner, this would be a good option. There is plenty of sweet malt to go along with the roasted flavors of the turkey. I once brined an entire turkey in Elysian ESB overnight and then served it with the beer for dinner; amazing.

Local Winter Ales – Winter ales are usually malt-forward and should pair well with what you’re having for dinner. There are plenty around; a quick trip to the grocery store or bottle shop and you’ll find several options. I’d suggest grabbing a growler fill of one of my new favorites, the Big Al Winter Warmer.

North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout – This would be a fantastic choice to pair with dessert, especially pumpkin pie. It has lots of roasted malt with a dry, smooth finish.


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