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The vaccine ‘shortage’ could be a prelude of what is to come if government sponsored health care goes through.

Swine H1N1 Vaccine

The swine flu epidemic seems to be backfiring on the Public option health debate because of the recent ‘shortage’ of the vaccine. The swine flu and health debate undoubtedly go hand-in-hand. The public obviously does not want a pandemic to ravage our country or the world for that matter, yet the majority is skeptical of the H1N1 vaccine because of the known toxins and other unsafe additives that have led some people to develop Guillian-Barre syndrome which has recently made headline news. Also. a company responsible for mass-producing the vaccine for the adults and children of this country, Baxter International, was caught shipping live avian flu(H5N1) in their vaccines to over a dozen European countries earlier this year according to Bloomberg, a credible source.  What we are seeing unfold right at this very moment is a small example of exactly what is to come. A ‘shortage’ of a vaccine for a ‘pandemic’ and a government beaurocrat pointing fingers as to who is worthy of health resources much like what is happening with the vaccine. Recent reports of vaccine shortages are rampant among the media. From ABC news to the well known Consumer Reports to even our own Seattle Times.. where huge lines are forming to get one of the rare h1n1 vaccines.

Here’s the connection- Is it possible that this shortage of vaccines is a prelude to nationalized/socialized health care? Will people be standing in lines that break out in fights waiting for the next vaccine, surgery, or any other medicine/vitamin or health resource? If the World Health Organization and nationalized health care are having trouble managing ONE vaccine are we to trust them with the majority of the Health Care system we have in the United States? It seems to come down to whether the people trust the government enough so far to take over this industry or if we rebuke this legislation until the government can EARN our trust for health by balancing budgets, managing Medicare and Medicade without going bankrupt, and managing one measly vaccine.

As a business owner would you hire an employee who is reckless with your money or would you make them prove to you that they can handle smaller jobs first? YOU DECIDE


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