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Prostar Insurance– On this day we remember our veterans, the brave American souls that have fought in the armed forces for the good of our country. We remember lives that have been lost as well as the souls and minds manipulated by the effects of war and corruption. We remember why our veterans have spent years of their lives in servitude to the citizens of this country, the answer is simple..


Freedom is an extremely rare existence for the common man in the history of human civilization. In the last century alone, hundreds of nations have fallen to the tyrannical policies of Stalin, Hitler, Lenin, Mao Tse Tung, Kim Jung Il and many others. Some would even say that certain US presidents and politicians in power have paved the way for tyranny to inch its way deeper into our daily lives utilizing ingenious strategies and age-old plans that are promoted through the popular perspective(mainstream media) as good, and exploiting them as trendy, continuously robbing the world of their potential as truth-seeking, united people under God. Some would say that the very same people who run the banks, have weaseled their way into government and media positions for at least 60 years and the conspiracy is so huge that very few people understand it for that very reason. However the patriots, veterans, and peace-loving people that uphold the freedom of this great country will always remember the reason we disbanded from the tyrannical British who controlled rule of law, and thus established our own land, under God, protected by these documents that our founding fathers AND veterans fought so hard for.


The Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution along with the Declaration of Independence enshrine the innately human rights that we have. The right to free speech and thought, the right to protect yourself and family against foreign AND domestic threats, the right to be secure in your place and persons, the separation of powers within the political structure, and a structure of law that protects the citizens – by and for which these documents were written.

These and many other rights and laws are the sole, foundational purpose our veterans served and continue to fight for the republic for which our country stands. Our precious documents, created a little over 200 years ago that are one-of-a-kind throughout the entire history of human civilization. Never before has a group of individuals established a rule of law benevolent to the citizens of that country. Never before has freedom been promoted and treasured the way the United States founding fathers established for us, their children. Let us honor our brave veterans and uphold their fight for protecting us against foreign and homegrown enemies who want to tear freedom away. Many of whom have lost their lives in the fight to keep the land of the free.



  1. iNce post. I thought to let you know that you website isn’t getting displayed properly on thunderhawk mobile web browser on my pda.

    Have a good time…sorry for typo mistakes

  2. Nice Pictures

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