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With a 30% edge on its gasoline-powered sibling’s economy, Jeep’s 3.0 CRD(Common-Rail Diesel) engine matches better-than-average fuel economy with more torque than the HEMI 5.7l and the longevity of a tough, high compression engine.


Characteristics most commonly mastered by the ‘noisy/smelly diesel’ powered vehicles American consumers still vow to steer clear from. However if people would pull their heads out of the sand they would also realize that the jeep diesel produces 30% fewer C02 emissions. For more info on the Jeep please visit the Jeep website or view the source





  1. Us Wrangler owners have been after a diesel powered Jeep for some time now, and you can even buy them overseas (Jeep makes them for the Egyptian military). It’s a shame that the US is so anti-diesel.

    • Oh cool! Didn’t know that! Hopefully ford will get in the game because BMW, Volkswagen, and Subaru all have TDI’s coming down the pipeline. VW has been in it for some time now.

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