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Does your current policy cover Food spoilage coverage? What happens when the power goes out, and the next day your left with food that is inedible?

Most restaurant have this coverage built in to the policy. But is it enough coverage?  If your restaurant is policy is on a BOP (otherwise known as a  business owners policy)
you may not even have this coverage.. How much is enough? If your a small business, chances are that you have more than $5000 worth of product in your refrigerator
at one time.

This is the minimum amount that is covered on most restaurant policy. But what if your a fine dining restaurant, a fuse blows, and the next day your chef calls at eight in the morning telling you that the tenderloins are warm because your refrigeration went out in the middle of the night. Does your policy cover  the food and the cost to fix the refrigeration unit? Food contamination is stated up to a dollar amount. So if you have $8,500 worth of product, and your policy only covers up to $5000, after your $1000 deductible, you have lost over $3,500 dollars in the event of a power outage, or fuse malfunction. Not to mention the cost to fix your refrigeration unit. To add $5,000 or even $10,000 dollars only cost’s a couple of hundred dollars a year. You do the math.


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