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Here are some tips to keep your food from going bad and will help you lose a minimum amount of product during a power outage.

1)    Label and Organize- Keeping your product in check will also keep your mind in check as a business owner. Label all perishable foods as to when they were purchased and provide an expiration date to know when to give it a toss..

2)    Be careful when buying fresh produce- Fresh foods are the only answer to a successful restaurant business. They are the shining star, the golden ticket to making customers happy and ready to come back! However, purchasing more than you need especially because of a sale, will ultimately lead to wasted product and possibly harm to your customers.

3)    Inspect your fresh food as it comes in- Just because it says it’s fresh doesn’t necessarily mean that. Get your hands in there and see for yourself!!! Or have your chef do it.


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