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Do you have any old cars that you still insure?  Any that are ten years or older?  Maybe a value of under $5000?  If so you may want to look into removing comprehensive and collision coverage.

These coverage’s generally account for 40 percent or more of your insurance premium and once the car reaches a certain value it might be better to drop the coverage.

Comprehensive and collision coverage cover only the replacement value of your vehicle.  If any claim payment you would receive would not substantially exceed your premiums minus the deductible, you should consider not having that coverage.

If you are not sure about whether or not you should keep these coverage’s you can call a professional to help you with the decision.  Prostar Insurance in Bellevue is an independent insurance company with many great independent insurance agents.  They are more than qualified to help you with any auto insurance decision.  You can call them at 425.208.0035, or visit their website at


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